School Library

My name is Miss Toseland and I’m the librarian here at St Thomas More Catholic Voluntary Academy.

I studied English Literature at college and Illustration at degree level so reading books with decorative covers has been a passion of mine.

Our library has nearly 6000 books available to borrow ranging from brand new fiction to classics for students seeking a challenging read. There is something for everyone and I will help you navigate through reads you feel comfortable with but also push you out of your comfort zone to find something new!

At secondary schools there can often be a negative stigma around reading, my goal is to encourage all pupils at St Thomas More that reading is not only beneficial to your learning but it is also an escape from everyday life into a world we choose. Reading for enjoyment in our spare time and freedom of choice in what we read is wonderful and the Library will certainly be there to help you.

My favourite series in our Library is the ‘Girl Missing’ collection by Sophie McKenzie because it includes mystery, action and romance which are all my favourite genres in one! I have read them all multiple times. I am always on the lookout for new and exciting books written by authors of different cultures and backgrounds to diversify our Library further. We have already celebrated Black History month by adding many new novels by POC’s to our Library and International Women’s day by promoting books written by females about strong female characters.

The Library is a welcoming environment for you to build friendships with other pupils and join in with some of the roles and activities such as Pupil Librarian Duties, Student Council, Pupil Parliament and Book Club!

Come to the Library, say hello and browse our fantastic resources!

Miss Toseland