“How Lovely on the mountains are the feet of them who bring good news!” – Isaiah 52:7

High Peak Chaplaincy

St Thomas More has always had a rich and vibrant tradition of Chaplaincy. It draws students from all faiths and none, and calls them to give back to the world. Through chaplaincy our students can learn more about themselves, their vocation, and how to “Be More” in all they do.

Chris is the ‘High Peak Chaplain’, and serves us and some of our Catholic Feeder Primary schools across the High Peak. It is his role to support and guide our young people and to help answer the big questions, but he is also on hand for any conversation. His office can be found at the back of the Hall under the Chapel stairs and will always make time for a chat.

STM Chaplaincy

Anyone who wishes to join our STM Chaplaincy Team, will have a choice of 3 teams to put their enthusiasm into. Each team has a captain and Vice-Captain who help lead the various teams. Go and have a conversation with Chris about the team and which you might be suited to.

Bosco are our Chaplaincy Leadership Team

They are named after St John Bosco, who is the Patron saint of Young People.

They Co-ordinate all things Chaplaincy, from our whole school worships to Mass, charity events to Trust events and everything in between. Bosco also work with the Captains of Lisieux and Romero to bring the wider chaplaincy team together.

Kiara & Fran are the Captain and Vice-Captain of Bosco for this year.

Romero are our Chaplaincy Media Team

They are named after St Oscar Romero, who amongst many things, was well known for preaching and sharing Gods love through Radio.

They look after all of the technical parts of Chaplaincy.

From creating PowerPoints for Worship, Videos for our YouTube and sharing inspiration on our Chaplaincy Social Media.

Lisieux are our Chaplaincy Design Team

They are named after St Therese of Lisieux, often called the “little flower” because she wanted to do her best for God, but in the background, like a little flower in the garden.

They make us look good, literally!

All our displays, focus points and art work come from our talented Lisieux Team.