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During this course you will study how drama is created, including all the acting and staging skills that are needed to put a piece of drama on the stage.

You will learn how to create a character and play this character in performance, as well as script write, direct and design.

Why should you study Drama?

  • There are a growing number of professions that value creativity and those people who studied Drama as a subject at school. These professions include medicine, law, public relations, journalism, social work, tourism and leisure.

You learn how to:

  • become more independent
  • become more responsible and supportive
  • become a better communicator
  • reach your full potential
  • become better at making plans and carrying them out
  • become a better listener

You will like this course if….

  • You like performing!
  • You like working collaboratively with others
  • You like to put yourselves in other people’s shoes
  • You enjoy the process of creating and devising drama
  • You like reading plays
  • You like writing about the practical work you’ve done
  • You enjoy going to the theatre
  • You like exploring topical issues
  • You like Designing
Component TitleMarksDurationWeighting
Component 01/02Devising Drama

Students explore a stimulus by the exam board
They will work in groups to create their own devised drama based on their exploration
Students can work as either performers or designers, creating a portfolio and a final performance.
60Non-examined assessment30%
Component 02/03Presenting and Performing Texts

Students explore a text and perform two scene to a Visiting Examiner.
Students can work as either performers or designers completing a pro forma and a final performance showcase.
60Non-examined assessment30%
Component 05Drama: Performance and Response

Section A contains questions based on the study of a full text from a list set by the exam board.
Section B contains an extended response analysing and evaluating live theatre.
801.5 hours40%