Welcome to the Year 9 Options Page

Choosing which subjects to study is perhaps the first really important decision to make in life.  This will not only affect what you learn over the next two years here at St Thomas More, but your decisions now will also affect your future career.

We trust that the following booklet will aid you in your decision-making process, in addition to attending our Options Evening at the school on Wednesday, June 12th, 2024.

Choosing Options

Please find below the Option Blocks for 2024-25.

All subjects in Block A will be on at the same time, all subjects in Block B will take place at the same time, and all subjects in Block C will occur at the same time.

Those pupils wishing to achieve the English Baccalaureate will be required to choose Spanish and History or Geography.

Options Form

To complete your form, please use the QR code below, or click on the link to register your child’s options.

If you are unable to use this QR Code or the link, please ask at reception for a paper version of the form.

Please make sure all forms are submitted by Monday 17th June.

Please be aware that the school retains the right to cancel a subject if issues with staffing, room availability, resources, or enrolment numbers make it impractical to offer. Class sizes will also be taken into account.