Pastoral Support

At St Thomas More the Headteacher is assisted in the planning and delivery of effective pastoral care by an experienced team comprising of the Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Learning, Pastoral Managers, SENDCo, Family Support Worker, Inclusion Manager and the Form Tutors.

The Form Tutors represent the primary point of contact at STM and will deal with the majority of questions or concerns that may arise.

For more serious issues, the Head of Learning is there to support you and your child, both in terms of their academic progress and for any significant issues that may arise. The Head of Learning is supported by a Pastoral Manager, a non-teaching member of staff, who is there to assist and support you and your child during the day.

You can contact your child’s Form Tutor, Pastoral Manager or Head of Learning by phone, email, or letter.

Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour and Attitudes

Alison Pimblett

Mrs A Pimblett

Head of Learning

for Year 7 & 8

Kerry Taylor

Mrs K Taylor

Pastoral Manager

for Year 7 & 8

Rebecca Ward

Mrs R Ward

Head of Learning

for Year 9 & 10

Helen Scampion

Mrs H Scampion

Pastoral Manager

for Year 9 & 10

Rachel Brown

Mrs R Brown

Head of Learning

for Year 11

Leah Doherty Perkins

Mrs L Doherty-Perkins

Pastoral Manager

for Year 11

Julie Kawalek

Mrs J Kawalek

Form Tutors

7 Bede

Michael Kelly

Dr Kelly

7 Columba

Amy Shaw

Mrs Shaw

7 Francis

Joan Whiteford

Mrs Whiteford

8 Bede

Ben Richardson

Mr Richardson

8 Columba

Anna Newton

Mrs Newton

Mon & Tues

Sarah Dodd

Mrs Dodd

Weds, Thurs & Fri

8 Francis

Lara Taylor

Mrs Taylor

9 Bede

Jason Warhurst

Mr Warhurst

9 Columba

Ann Hawkswood

Ms Hawkswood

9 Francis

Julie Clemett

Mrs Clemett

10 Bede

Harriet Lichfield

Mrs Lichfield

10 Columba

Stephen Coyle

Mr Coyle

10 Francis

Shelley Gray

Mrs Gray


Jason Ronson

Mr Ronson


Richie Ralph

Mr Ralph


Dominic Harrison

Mr Harrison


Gillian Anderson

Mrs Anderson