Knowledge Mats

Each subject has summarised its curriculum in the form of a Knowledge Mat for each year group.

The Knowledge Mats do not show everything that will be studied in each year, instead they focus on the core knowledge that is needed in that year’s curriculum, in order to be able to successfully access the curriculum for the following year.

Knowledge Mats allow students and parents to see what is planned for the whole year, to facilitate discussion and further study at home and to make clear how the curriculum evolves across the five years at St Thomas More.

The Knowledge Mats also include key vocabulary that we would like students to learn. They will be encouraged to use this vocabulary and we ask parents to support us with this at home.

Cultural capital is highlighted within the Knowledge Mats too. This section of the mat makes suggestions for further activities or reading that we encourage students to participate in, in order to deepen students’ understanding and to see how learning in a subject fits into learning across subjects and in the wider world.

Click below to view the knowledge mats for every subject.