Adverse Weather Condition Closure Strategy

DCC Health and Safety Guidance re Adverse Weather Snow and Ice

There have been occasions when adverse weather conditions have resulted in the school closing during the day or after children have set off for school. We hope this will not occur but we feel it is important to have measures in place just in case. It is therefore possible that pupils will be sent home early and, in the event of a failure of the transport system, it may be necessary to send pupils to an alternative safe destination in Buxton.

Our aim is to effect an orderly and rapid dismissal, sending pupils home by the safest available route. Pupils will not be allowed to leave school unless we are certain that there is a safe destination for them to go to. We would ask parents to discuss, in advance with their children, what the child is to do under such circumstances and to confirm these arrangements with the other adults involved. Pupils will be expected to contact their parents to confirm their whereabouts and arrange their final journey home as soon as they can. The necessary addresses and telephone numbers should be recorded in the pupil planner.

The school will ensure that pupils sign out, leaving written confirmation of their destination address and phone number as well as their intended method of transport. Parents are asked not to telephone the school unnecessarily to leave the telephone line free for emergency use.

During periods of poor weather, parents are asked to listen to High Peak Radio for updates. A text will be sent out to all parents on the main telephone number held by the school. It is therefore very important that contact details are kept up to date. Every effort will be made to post a message (and work) on the school website as soon as possible after the decision to close has been made, access permitting.